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MPE's advanced manufacturing capabilities, from state-of-the-art molding to world-class production, provides our customers with the highest quality products at globally competitive costs.

MPE manufacturing specializes in complete metal stamping and manufacturing of special plastics that meet extreme demands of strength, friction, high temperatures, tight tolerance and surface finish. The result is uncompromising precision of combined metal and plastic elements for industries where accuracy is as critical as innovation.

  • Precise production of small, medium and large integrated metal and plastic components
  • Thermoplastic injection molding featuring a wide variety of friction and temperature tolerant raw materials
  • Complete and high-speed metal stamping on steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, coated metals, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
Key Benefits
  • Precise manufacturing of combined metal and plastic components
  • JIT delivery with uncompromised quality
  • High-quality product assembly with advanced equipment and techniques

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