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MPE provides innovative solutions for consumer products requiring integrated metal and plastic components.

Behind many leading kitchen devices, car gadgets and personal hygiene tools is engineering innovation and precise manufacturing that makes the product safe, user-friendly and attractive enough to survive in the competitive market of consumer products.

Our dedicated team escorts each client throughout our full-service process from planning and design engineering through tooling, manufacturing, final assembly and JIT delivery. This streamlined project management expedites time-to-market and ensures that every MPE solution meets and often exceeds client expectations for their end product.

With a workforce of more than 120 skilled personnel, we are big enough to deliver on target every time and versatile enough to accommodate dynamic consumer market needs.
MPE doesn’t just provide the parts; we provide the solution.

Among our satisfied customers: Materna • Agrexco • Soda Club • ASR • Tadiran • Electra • Freshcup • Unitrol • UltraClean