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MPE engineers, manufactures and delivers precise integrated metal and plastic components for a range of industries.

Every customer benefits from decades of engineering, manufacturing and service expertise, combining the most advanced technologies available with highly skilled personnel worldwide.

Our in-house management over the entire process from concept engineering to JIT delivery ensures exceptional quality control and flexible service for our customers.

The result is beginning-to-end precision from engineering, through manufacturing and service excellence. Advanced engineering and manufacturing skills to turn any innovators dream into a market reality.

  • Innovative Engineering
  • Precision Tooling
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Personal Service
Key Benefits
  • Streamlined, personalized solution from design, engineering and planning through tooling, manufacturing and final assembly ensures high quality and rapid time-to-market
  • Tailored engineering and manufacturing flexibility maximizes end product performance
  • Rapid and flexible responsiveness to dynamic customer needs throughout all stages of product development and production
  • High-quality manufacturing at competitive prices
  • One dedicated service provider managing all sub-contractors from design to delivery. One address for accountability.