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MPE is a joint venture of two industry leaders, Shiran Engineering and Rimoni Industries, who responded to market demand to provide global clients with one reliable, service-oriented provider for all their integrated metal and plastic components.

For over three decades, Shiran Engineering has led the industry with innovative design, development and engineering of high performance technical plastic and metal parts, moulds and dies. Meanwhile, for more than thirty years, the publicly traded Rimoni Industries has manufactured high precision technical plastic and metal components for world-leading automotive, medical, technology and consumer and companies.

This unique venture enables MPE to provide clients with the strength of market leading engineering and manufacturing standards, technology and skills, yet with the flexibility of an agile and responsive, service-oriented provider.

MPE is dedicated to each customer’s unique needs for their unique products. One dedicated project manager streamlines first-class capabilities throughout the extensive product development cycle from planning, design and engineering to tooling, manufacturing, assembling, and final product delivery. The result is precisely integrated metal and plastic components with uncompromised quality control, flexible service and on-time delivery.